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Published by Libération newspaper (in French), interesting issue : the fight for freedom was initiated on a large scale by Tunisian women but, through tough rebellion and military actions, now seems to be back (or still) in men hands, leading to to women being victims of 'religious dictatures'


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Mardi 15 novembre 2 15 /11 /Nov 15:24

The whole talk from Hillary Clinton about women in economy and an interesting quote starting from one of her husband's remark : 'Now, my husband often says, in making the argument that everyone should be involved, that we don’t have a person to waste. I think that’s true. When it comes to the enormous challenge of our time, to systematically and relentlessly pursue more economic opportunity in all of our lands, we don’t have a person to waste, and we certainly don’t have a gender to waste either.'

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Mardi 15 novembre 2 15 /11 /Nov 14:52

Financial Times / Nov 15, 2011 : Helena Morrissey, chief executive in Newton Investment Management says ...'the crisis might have been less deep had there been more diversity on boards. There was a macho culture that contributed to more risk taking'.

This is a comment that I have heard quite a lot recently : women are less risk advert than men, which would prevent many situations to get worst if there were more women in Boards. Ok, but first, I am not sure the financial and/or economic crisis are caused by 'too much risks taken', or let's say I would not call it the same way, but rather bad management, fraud, wrong strategy, incompetency. By the way, should a female CEO/CFO or any position of this kind in a high financial institution face such situations than their male counterparts have in the past years would be accused of having taken too much risk ? I am not sure.

I personally don't feel as an adventurous person but certainly not neither as an advert to risk one. Most of my girl friends do not respond to that portrait neither, at least in the work place. It is different to have options than to choose options, life options in general (reminder : women tend not to separate personal and professional life. Which might not that wrong).

And last, we read and often hear that female professionals are more and more turning entrepreneurs : as far as I am concerned, there is nothing as risky as launching a business : entrepreneurship requires engagement, voluntarism and fast decision taking.


Women probably seem to be less risk advert than men because they are not given the same possibilities. Give them the wheel to see how they drive the boat ! 

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Jeudi 10 novembre 4 10 /11 /Nov 10:42
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Samedi 5 novembre 6 05 /11 /Nov 12:20

'Grand-ma ? Well, that's life. This woman was born with Mussolini and was dying with Berlusconi, it would be hard to do better'.

'The slow smile', Caterina Bonvicini


'Grand-mère ? Oh c'est la vie. Cette femme était née sous Mussolini et mourait sous Berlusconi, on pouvait difficilement faire mieux.'

'Le Lent sourire', Caterina Bonvicini

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